Keeping Kids Entertained During An Outdoor BBQ

If you are planning on hosting a summertime barbecue for your friends and family to enjoy, you are bound to have some guests who wish to bring along children. Keeping kids entertained during a barbecue can be done with the addition of a few activities they will be sure to appreciate. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your festivities for the younger set.

Hide Items Around Your Yard Before The Party

A scavenger hunt will intrigue children and adults alike. Hide several small everyday items around your yard before guests arrive. Make photocopies of your printed or hand-written list of the items so you can hand out copies to the children. Give each child a plastic bag to hold any items they find. They will find it entertaining to look around the premises for the specific items you have hidden. The child with the most pieces can win a special prize at the end of the event. Be sure to have the camera ready as there will be sure to be some great candid shots during the mad scramble to look for your hidden treasures.

Create A Food Station To Decorate Meal Choices

Children enjoy dressing up foods with a variety of toppings and condiments. Set up a food station for decorating purposes. Place several containers on a table and fill each one with a specific hamburger or hot dog topping. When it is time to eat, the children will be able to pick the toppings they wish to dress up their barbecued food with. This will give them the power to select different vegetables, cheeses, or condiments of their own. This type of food station could also be used if you serve ice cream. Place novelty items inside bowls so any kids at your party will be able to decorate their dessert as desired.

Consider The Rental Of An Inflatable Activity

A party is not complete without a focal point for guests to enjoy throughout the event. Consider renting an inflatable bounce house or super slide to set up in your yard for children to use. Make sure someone is available to monitor the usage of this activity so no one becomes injured during play time. Set up some structured games for children to try or designate different age groups to use the inflatable activity at specific time frames to ensure everyone gets a turn to enjoy the fun.

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