Promote A New Line Of Products During A Fashion Show

If you own a fashion company and would like to host a fashion show and dinner at an event center in your town to promote a new line of products, the following tips will assist with planning an event that is well received by community members.

Create Detailed Listings Of Clothing Being Shown

Before the date of the fashion show, type a detailed list of the clothing items that are being shown, including fabric types, care instructions, and the cost of each garment. Have copies of the list printed out, and hand one copy to each person who attends the fashion show. While models strut across the stage, people can refer to the listings to gain more insight about particular pieces that interest them. After the show is over, people may be inclined to review the listings at home and decide to purchase a specific piece that was featured in the show.

Offer A Meal During The Extravaganza

Hire a catering crew to prepare a wide spread of dishes to serve to your guests. Before planning a menu, take the time to sample each food item so that you select dishes that will be sure to wow your guests. If the facility that you have rented for the fashion show has tables and chairs on hand that you can utilize, set them in front of the stage so that guests can enjoy their meals while watching the show.

A catering crew will eliminate the need to clean up after dinner has been served, and people who are preparing food items will make sure that a large portion of each dish is available so that guests can consume as much as they would like. 

Provide Attendees With Small Tokens Of Your Appreciation

Before the fashion show, select some accessories or jewelry pieces to give out after the event. Belts, kerchiefs, bracelets, or hats are some basic items to consider giving to the attendees. People who receive a small token of your appreciation may be pleasantly surprised to receive an item for free, and if they like the piece that they have been given, they may decide to do business with your company in the future.

Each time the gifts are worn, the people who are donning them will be reminded of your business. If anyone asks them about particular pieces that they are wearing, your company's name will come up while responses are given to the inquirers. For more information, talk to companies like Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center.