3 Things You Should Think About Before Settling On A Seaside Wedding

The waves are gently washing ashore, the sun is setting and casting a brilliant glow across the water, and there is soft sand beneath your feet–it sounds like you have a seaside wedding day in mind. While beach weddings definitely have their value and are no doubt beautiful, sometimes brides and grooms find themselves highly disappointed with how the overall ceremony plays out when all is said and done. This is usually because there are some things that you just don't think about when envisioning your dream nuptial event by the sea. Here are three things you definitely need to think about before deciding on a beach wedding. 

Your beach wedding will usually require a different type of attire. 

That beautiful ball gown-style dress you've had your eye on probably will not be a good pick if you are going for a beach wedding. Likewise, depending on the weather, that gorgeous chiffon dress with layer after layer of tulle could look more like a ruffled mess if the wind is right. Planning a beach wedding will mean you also have to consider alternative attire to be comfortable and still look your best. Lightweight gowns with minimal layers are the go-to choice for brides and even the groom should consider dressing down a bit. Plus, there is no way you will want to try to maneuver through sand in a pair of heels. 

You'll have to get familiar with the beach venue's atmosphere before picking a date. 

There are a lot of things that can happen seaside during a wedding where the weather is concerned that would normally not be a concern. The close proximity to the ocean can mean changing and unexpected weather patterns depending on the season. The tide could be calm or the tide could be full of crashing waves, also depending on the weather. It will be important that you take this into consideration before picking a beach as your venue and do your research to learn about the general weather patterns, tide changes, and atmosphere in the area. 

You may have problems you would not have at other outdoor locations. 

Imagine this: you are in the middle of reciting your vows on the beach and a flock of seagulls decides now would be the perfect time to land and scour the beach and pester the guests for food. If you are planning a beach wedding, scenarios like this should be expected because they can happen. Even though you may not be able to avoid some issues that will come along with being on the beach, what you can do is expect them so you can adjust the ceremony on the fly if need be as problems come up. 

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