Three Great Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Ideas

Lots of couples who are getting married have the classic bachelor and bachelorette parties. Popular movies always make it seem like bridal parties are having one last evening of debauchery, complete with excessive alcohol and strippers. But in reality, not every bride and groom wants to spend an evening partaking in these activities, followed by a hangover and a wasted day. There are plenty of other activities that are a ton of fun, and you could even consider having a co-ed party rather than separating the events. This is especially a great idea if the bridesmaids and groomsmen don't all know one another; it will give the pairs time to get to know one another before the big day. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Head To Wine Country

Skip the hangover-inducing pudding shots, and go on a winery tour instead. You can learn how wine goes from the vine to the bottle, and then sample the vintner's wines. Most tastings also include a light snack as well. If you live near wineries, most travel agencies offer complete packages that include coach transportation, the tour, dinner and lodging at a hotel or bed and breakfast. You can also consider a beer brewery tour as well. Some breweries also offer a beginner's brewing class, which could also be fun.

Make Your Escape

Escape rooms are all the rage in some cities. It's like getting together with your friends to play a game of Clue, only way better. It's a physical puzzle game. The team is given hints and clues, and as you solve each clue, you are one step closer to finding your way out of the escape room. However, you only have so much time to find your mission or whatever the secret is. This varies by venue and game, but one hour is typical. Sometimes the setting is a prison or dungeon to add an extra eerie element to the game, creating a fear factor. When you have finished your escape room, consider heading to a haunted house for some more creepy fun.

Have The Meal Of A Lifetime

If your bridal party is comprised of a bunch of foodies and they are game to chip in, make reservations at the best fine dining restaurant in your area. Speak with the chef to design a special prix fixe menu perfect for your occasion. If everyone is culinary adventurous, you can even have the chef choose only really exotic foods, such as ostrich. Don't forget some fancy wines and after-dinner liqueurs or aged Scotch. 

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