Spring And Summer Storms Are Coming — Don't Let Them Stop Your Outdoor Party

As most people know, spring and summer storms are unpredictable. While weather forecasters can tell you the chance of rain or show you radar, those storms could take a turn and become a lot worse as they head for your party, without you realizing it. If you're holding an event outdoors and are using a party tent, you can't just schedule the event for a time when you think there won't be storms — you have to prepare the tent and your guests just in case.

Secure and Stable Installation

Event tents aren't just sort of plonked down into the lawn and left there. They have to be installed correctly, with the poles extending into stable soil and other accessories attached to create a secure base. Don't try to move tent poles or even set up the tent yourself. Let the tent company do it, and work with them if they say the soil is too soft to set up the tent safely. They'll help you find other spots in the park or on the lawn where you're holding your event.

Guest Instructions

No one really thinks about what to do in a severe storm situation when they're in a tent. They kind of assume that nothing will go wrong or that all they'll have to deal with is a little rain. They don't plan for sudden flare-ups that send heavy rain, hail, and lightning to the event site. It's vital that you alert guests about what to do in these cases. For example, if lightning starts, guests have to get out of the tent — it's the fabric equivalent of standing under a tree in a lightning storm. Guests should go to a nearby building or their cars. People at the event should be designated alert staff, and guests should know who to go to, to report things like rain pooling on the tent roof and creating a sunken bulge. And of course, those alert contacts should know whether to get people out of the tent, call the tent company, or take another action.

Prepared Parts

One of the more important features of an outdoor-party tent is the sidewall that can be lifted and lowered. If there's a little rain during your event, you can lower the sides and protect your guests. If a strong storm with very strong winds occurs, you can raise the sidewalls to allow wind to pass through the tent instead of crashing into the sides and pushing it over.

If you plan ahead, chances are you'll find days and times when strong storms are less likely to brew up and create a problem. The tent company you rent from will also have advice about how to handle unpredictable weather so that your event can happen with a minimum of issues.

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