2 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Moonbounce for Your Child's Party

While deciding on what to do for your child's birthday party, you may be thinking about renting an inflatable moonbounce as entertainment for them and their guests. However, while you are making the plans for the party, ask the following questions before renting the moonbounce so you can be better prepared for what it entails.

1.  Are There Restrictions on the Setup Location?

One of the first questions you should ask before renting a moonbounce for the party is about restrictions on where the service is able to set up the inflatable. This inquiry can help you plan where you wish to host the party.

Depending on your area, there may be restrictions on setting up the inflatable in outdoor public places such as parks. If you were planning on having the birthday party at a local park, you may need to either change your plans on the location or the rental. The service can let you know if they are able to do so.

Also, ask if they are able to set up the moonbounce indoors, such as inside a gym or auditorium. Many companies are willing to accommodate this request, but you should ask before making reservations for the moonbounce and the building.

2.  How Much Time Is Needed for Setting It Up and Taking It Down?

Once you have confirmed that the rental service can set up the inflatable in your desired location, the next question you should ask is about the time they need to set up and take it down. If you do not allow enough time for setup when timing the party, you may wind up having anxious children waiting to have fun while the moonbounce is being inflated. Since it can take a couple of hours for the entire setup, you may even miss having it available for the children at the party altogether

Also, you need to know the times required before and after your party times when making location reservations. This is important because you will need to add the hours to the party's duration time. If not, you may end up paying late fees for the park or gym because the takedown time has run over your allotted time.

Asking the above questions before setting up the rental can help you plan out the details of your child's party. For more information about what is involved with the rental, speak with a representative from a party moonbounce rental service, such as SuperFun Attractions LLC.