Tips For Energizing Yourself Before You Hit The Stage For Your Emcee Gig

While your confidence, quality of delivery, and your content will all be important when you play the role of corporate emcee, it's also important for you to be energetic. Doing so can sometimes be easier said than done. For example, if you're emceeing an evening event after a long and challenging workday, you might not exactly feel brimming with energy. You don't want to take the stage in a lethargic manner, however, because doing so can cause your audience to lose interest in you quickly. Here are some simple tips for energizing yourself before you take the stage.

Do Some Exercise

If you've got a quiet backstage area, take a moment or two to do a little exercise before you hit the stage. Jogging in place, jumping jacks, shadow boxing, or something similar can all help to get your blood pumping and make you feel more enthusiastic. There are a couple of considerations for exercising before an emcee gig, however. Don't do your exercise just seconds before you take the stage, as you'll be out of breath and this will make you nervous. You should also avoid exercising so vigorously that you get sweaty because this can make you appear flustered or too intense.

Watch Some Comedy

Few things can wake you up and make you feel energized as much as laughing, so think about finding a way to laugh. Grab your smartphone, load a video-streaming app, and take a few minutes to watch some comedy clips from your favorite stand-up performer or sitcom. Doing so will not only energize you, but it can also help you to reduce any tension that you feel before you take the stage. Laughing is an effective stress reducer, so if you're a little anxious about your role, these short video clips can be a major asset.

Take Some Caffeine

If all else fails, caffeine can be your friend when you need to improve your energy before your corporate emcee gig. Coffee can work, but it can also cause you to have to use the bathroom — which may not be ideal if you're going to be on the stage for a prolonged period of time. Consider an energy drink or, better yet, an energy shot because it doesn't have the volume that will affect your bladder. You'll quickly lose any feelings of drowsiness and feel ready to speak in front of an audience with energy.

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