Questions To Ask Potential Wedding Caterers Before You Choose The Perfect One

You're ready to start interviewing wedding caterers. Before you start the selection process, take a look at the top questions couples need to consider when it comes to their dream day menu.

Is the Wedding Outdoors?

Outdoor venues come with challenges and restrictions you may not find with an indoor restaurant or banquet hall. If your wedding is outside:

  • Ask about prep places. Where will the caterer prepare the food? Will they prep it beforehand and bring it to the outdoor venue or do they need an on-site kitchen? If they need a kitchen nearby, make sure the outdoor venue has an indoor prep area too.
  • Ask about inclement weather. What happens if the weather takes your outdoor wedding indoors? Will the caterer have the right set-up to stage a buffet or serve in the new impromptu indoor venue?
  • Are there temperature restrictions? While chilled shrimp or an ice cream bar may seem like a good idea, can the caterer maintain cold temperatures during your sweltering summer outdoor wedding?

Along with these issues, ask the wedding caterer about the terrain and additional outdoor-related issues they may have. If the servers or staff need to carry trays of food through a field to get to your reception spot, they may need extra help or alternative arrangements.

Do Your Guests Have Dietary Restrictions?

If it seems like everyone you know is on a different diet, you probably aren't alone. Between paleo, keto, plant-based, and every other trend, menu planning for a large event isn't always easy. Before you hire a caterer ask about:

  • Allergies. Does the caterer provide an ingredient list? If your guests have known food allergies (such as shellfish, dairy, or nuts), will the caterer provide alternatives that aren't prepared/cooked with the rest of the food? This prevents cross-contamination.
  • Intolerances. Some guests may have sensitivities that aren't allergies. Can the caterer accommodate these issues?
  • Vegan options. Can the caterer offer an entirely plant-based vegan option if necessary? This includes no milk, eggs, or other animal products.

A buffet is an easy way to get around the variety of diets, allergies, and restrictions your guests may have. This option allows you to choose several different menu items and keep them separate from one another.

Do You Have a Preferred Type of Cuisine?

Whether you want to theme your menu around the rest of your wedding or you just happen to enjoy food from a specific area of the world or culture, make sure the caterer can accommodate your wishes. If you absolutely adore Italian, but the caterer specializes in French cuisine, you won't get the menu of your dreams.

The just-right wedding catering services can add to your special day. From the venue to your guest's preferences, the questions you ask right now can help you to choose a caterer who not only meets, but exceeds, your needs.