Welcome To The Big Top

Attending a circus can be a sought-out activity due to the intrigue and mystery that surrounds a particular act or the thought of eating an array of tasty treats. With a large tent at your disposal, you can turn your back yard into a circus venue that can be enjoyed during your youngster's birthday.

Cutouts To Tease The Guests

The excitement associated with observing amazing feats can begin well before your child and their guests enter the "Big Top." The color and size of the tent that you ultimately choose to rent can boost the anticipation of everyone and provide a suitable surface for displaying paper cutouts. If you fondly remember being curious about what was inside of a particular tent that was featured along a midway due to the signage or pictures that were displayed outside, use this recollection to aid in setting up the party layout.

Use a large roll of packing paper to create signage that uses descriptions and pictures that are similar to what you remember. If your spouse is going to be playing the act of the strong man or if you have family pets that are going to be featured in the circus, create a strong man sign and one for each additional act or animal that the guests will observe. Lightweight paper can be taped to the outside of the tent, and colorful balloons and streamers can be tied to the tent poles that support the enclosure.

An Indoor Arena That Can Be Sectioned Off

If you decide to rent a tent with a pointed top and side panels that contain multiple access points, the attendees can enter from different areas and can be supplied with various activities that are each set up in a designated area.

This type of tent will work well for a large grouping of children and will allow easy accessibility, which may be a priority to you if there will be some yard activities set up near the enclosure and you would like to encourage the children to filter in and out of the tent so that they can take part in all of the activities.

Use the tent for the main circus performances and all of the food and beverages that are being offered, and designate the outside for party games. Through a tent rental company, acquire furnishings, light sets, cooling fans, and electrical hookups so that you can power up a hot dog cart or a popcorn maker, keep the inside of the tent cool and comfortable, and display colorful lighting that will provide the tent with a festive aura.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers tent rentals.