How to Choose a Private Event Venue

Selecting a venue is the first step to planning an event. People have different tastes and visions for their occasion. Therefore, there is always a proprietor out there willing to meet your needs. Take your time and look for a venue that fits the event's theme. Organizing the event also includes other activities that run simultaneously, and therefore, you should save time in the search process. This piece gives you quick guidance with some relevant criteria for choosing a private event venue. 


The location is one of the first things that run through one's mind when choosing a private event venue. For a local event, maybe you would want a place that is a short distance from the residences of your attendees or their places of work. If the attendees come from out of town, venues near airports or hotels are convenient. Do not forget to consider parking options, transportation means, and traffic. You can prevent your guests from being late by providing them with a mobile event app which is a standard and free item these days. The app contains directions, maps, shuttle, and parking information. If your event has posters, exhibitions, and parallel sessions, giving your guests interactive indoor maps helps them navigate the area conveniently.


Due to fire and safety codes, most private event venues have a capacity limit. Proprietors also want to protect the amenities from damages due to overcrowding. In addition, you must consider coronavirus restrictions that apply to your area. Therefore, ensure you pick a venue with room for your anticipated number of guests. You must also consider the food and beverage minimum if the platform offers them. If your spending on food and beverages exceeds a certain minimum, you can request complimentary services. The capacity also depends on last-minute feedback from your guests. You can use live polling on event apps that can help you adjust the venue and save time and money. 


Once you find an appropriate venue for your event, the provider gives you a contract. However, one is never sure about attendance, and therefore you need a flexible arrangement. You require an agreement that allows you to postpone and cancel without any losses. Such flexibility is essential in unpredictable pandemic times and natural disasters when lockdowns and cancelations are common. Some contracts mighty have a force majeure clause. Ensure your agreement has a provision that protects you from losing the deposit due to some problems you anticipate.

Service and Amenities

The venue should have services and amenities that improve your ability to entertain your guests. For example, a place with a kitchen can help your catering team since they can prepare all foods and beverages. Alternatively, the venue can offer catering services and save you the hustle of hiring. Also, ensure that the place has chairs, linen, and tables that match your desired ambiance and theme. Some owners also provide setup and clean-up crews, saving you from the hustle of getting volunteers or hiring your workers. You can also prioritize venues with their audiovisual systems. Another primary consideration is the layout. If the place already has a design that fits the theme of your event, you do not waste time and money customizing it to suit your vision. 

Consider the location, capacity, flexibility, services, and amenities when selecting a private event venue. For more insight, contact services like Castle Waterford.