About Cigar Bars

A cigar bar is a location where you can kick back and enjoy cigars with other cigar enthusiasts. These bars are some of the final places left where people who enjoy a good cigar can still go in order to fire up a cigar without being asked to put the cigar out or remove themselves from the establishment. While there aren't as many cigar bars left as there once were, there are still some fabulous ones you can find if you are looking for this environment. You will be able to learn more about cigar bars when you finish reading the rest of this article. 

There are still some public cigar bars left

Something you should know about cigar bars is that there are still some public ones left, as well as private ones. Public cigar bars are ones that anyone can go into, as long as they are of the legal smoking age in the state the cigar bar is located in. A private cigar bar is one where the patrons need to be members or sometimes be required to be an invited guest of a member. 

The cigar bar atmosphere

Each cigar bar will vary from one to the next. However, there are some things that you can come to expect from most cigar bars. One thing that's commonly found in cigar bars is very comfortable seating. Also, they tend to have a more masculine decor to them, which often includes things like gorgeous wood surfaces and unique artwork. Additionally, many of the cigar bars will have leather seating. You can also expect cigar bars to have whiskey and other types of alcohol stocked. Also, you may have access to many types of cigars, so you can enjoy your favorites, as well as try out new ones. One term that's commonly used to describe the feel of a private cigar bar is that of a converted basement. 

The benefits of joining a private cigar bar

There are a lot of reasons why some people prefer to be a member of a private cigar bar. One of the main reasons is that private cigar bars are a type of club that tends to have exclusive memberships that are often limited to a certain number of members. This helps to keep the cigar bar setting less crowded and gives the bar more of a secretive feel, where patrons can feel as if their privacy is going to be protected when they come to the bar.   

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