3 Ways To Use Colored Retractable Stanchions For Ticketed Events

A simple retractable belt stanchion offers a lot of crowd control options for events. If you host an event with tickets, then you may have different ticket tiers and areas where guests need to get in and out. When you purchase or rent retractable stanchions, a lot of options come in plain black.

For even more organization at your event, consider the use of colored stanchions. Colored stanchions offer easy visuals for guests to follow and can match signs that help you guide guests in the right direction. Check out some of the unique ways to use colored stanchions the next time you host a ticketed event.

1. Red VIP Lanes

If you offer VIP tickets for guests, then you may set up red retractable belt stanchions. The bright red colors are easy to see and you can highlight the sections with VIP signs. When you sell someone VIP tickets, you can offer instructions on their purchase to find the red VIP lines.

With VIP lanes, you have the opportunity to treat higher-paying ticket purchasers with easy line access. You can position the stanchions in a separate area and add some extra value to the tickets that people paid for.

2. Colored Will-Call Lanes

In some cases, guests who purchased tickets to the event may not have picked them up until the day of the show. To help keep the event organized, you may need to set up will-call ticket lines. You can use colored retractable belt stanchions to indicate the will-call area.

With separate areas, guests will not waste time in a regular ticket line and have to go through the line process twice. Consider the use of a bright color like yellow or green when you rent retractable belt stanchions. The colored lines offer easy-to-spot areas and can match the colors of any will-call signs you put up at the event.

3. Re-Entry Lanes

If you allow guests to go back into your event, then you could purchase blue or purple retractable belt stanchions to act as a re-entry lane. The reentry lane allows guests to quickly come back in without going through the same process again. You may use stamps, ticket stubs, or other methods to grant re-entry.

The lanes will offer easy-to-follow instructions and add some more organization to your event.

Once you order the stanchions, you can set up a color-coded guide for guests and send them the guide before the event to offer even more organization options for the event.

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