How A Dove Release Ceremony Works

A dove release can be conducted at the end of a wedding ceremony, a funeral, or another special event that is held outdoors. Review how this type of ceremony is performed. Then, decide if you would like to include a dove release in the ceremonial gathering that you are planning.

Bird Handling

Domesticated pigeons, also known as rock doves or rock pigeons, are used for dove releases. These birds are highly intelligent and related to doves. The birds are able to find their way back home after being released.

Birds are trained extensively when they are young. Although pigeons rely upon their instincts when flying back home, bird training sessions add some additional support that will ensure that birds make it home safely.

Bird handlers train birds to fly short distances. Once the birds have successfully mastered these flights, handlers will attempt to release the birds a further distance from their home.

The Event

A company that offers a dove release ceremony will require that you book a reservation in advance. During this process, you will be asked to furnish the address of the event and to provide details about the event. A white dove release ceremony will be conducted by one or more of the bird handlers who work for the company.

The bird handlers will be responsible for transporting the birds to the location where your event is being held. The birds will be caged until it is time for them to be released. The handlers will ensure that the birds have plenty of food and water prior to the release.

The Execution

When it is time for the dove release, you will have the opportunity to get involved. Many companies allow their clients to select who will take an active role in the ceremony. Your role may involve holding onto one of the birds that will be released.

If a large group of birds will be used for the event, several of your guests can help release them. The bird release ceremony will be conducted in a wide-open area. The birds must be released in an area where there are no electrical wires or other barriers that could harm the birds or disorient them.

The release will not take long to execute. Once the birds are flying, you and your guests can capture photos or video footage of them flying. The birds will head home. The handlers will retrieve the birds when they arrive. 

For more info about dove releases for special occasions, contact a local company.